SAP 1809 Simple Logistics Server Access for Practice

SAP 1809 Simple Logistics Server Access for Practice is a Procurement process starts with gathering requirements and ends with procuring goods from vendors. Once goods are procured from vendor they need to be placed in company’s premises in correct place so that they can be consumed when required.

This introduces the term known as inventory management. Inventory management deals with placing and handling stock received from vendors in correct place within company’s premises. SAP Cloouds provides the feature of SAP Remote Server Access The key points about inventory management are as follows:

Inventory management deals with management of stock either on value or quantity basis.

Planning, entry and keeping records of all goods movement comes under inventory management.

Goods movement will create a document that will update all stock quantity and value in inventory that is known as material document.

Material document will be referred by a document number and document year.
In Manufacturing we’re introducing Demand-driven replenishment. With the demand-driven buffer level management, you can plan and manage supply chains much more efficiently. Providing decoupling points with strategic stock positions, SAP Remote Server Access manufacturers can avoid the so-called “Bull-Whip-Effect”, where the variations in demand increases as you move further up the supply chain from customer to supplier.

Moreover, in inventory management, we included intelligence by leveraging predictive analytics and machine learning for decision support. SAP 1809 Simple Logistics Server Access for Practice.

Finance as well has quite a few intelligent innovations in store for you, for example predictive accounting. When a sales order is confirmed in the system, this is not recorded in accounting until goods have been delivered and the invoice has been sent. With the predictive accounting functionality, SAP Cloouds Remote Server Access based on the sales order, a predictive goods issue and a predictive invoice is registered. This will initially be supported for selective sales processes.

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