Onboarding Content

Total Duration: 22hours
Introduction to Onboarding and PTO Discussion – 60mins
Enable features of onboarding in provisioning – 30mins
Implementation Process – 30mins
Initial Technical Configuration -60mins
Activate Features for Onboarding in Super Admin – 45mins
Setup Role Based permission- 30mins
Set up users and Group- 30mins
Create new fields:
·         Panels – 90mins
·         Validators and Logical operators – 30mins
·         Forms – 60mins
·         Notifications – 60mins
·         Reports – 45mins
·         Document Center – 30mins
·         Other Features – 60mins
·         Corporate Structure- 30mins
New Hire Activity and Configurations – 30mins
Configure RCM Integration – 30mins
Configure onboarding to EC integration – 30mins
Employee Portal – 90mins
User/Permission Sync – 60mins
Off boarding -120mins
Create Wizard’s- 60mins
Crossboarding- 120mins