An SAP transaction code in other words T-code consists of letters, numbers, or both. For instance, is entered in the order field at the highest point of any SAP GUI screen. Likewise, each in SAP ERP has an SAP transaction code related with it.

However, SAP has more than 1,00,000+ transaction codes on the whole. Similarly, it is progressively hard to follow along or recall these SAP transaction codes.

So what is the easiest way for the solution?

Firstly: In other words type Transaction code during KTRAN in the pursuit bar.

Secondly: Meanwhile press enter and you will be guided to another screen and as set apart in blue pen. After that press execute as appears.

Thirdly: Therefore press executes, subsequently you will be guided to a screen.

Finally: For instance, you can type any word or on the off chance that you know the T-Code identified with your procedure. As a result, SAP will auto-populate all the transaction code. Meanwhile which coordinate that word entered during the Transaction Search Term. Most importantly channel the search according to the different choices referenced in the screen. Certainly, the excellence of this T-Code is it gives you the description of the transaction code. For example Program, Package, Component ID, Authorization, Language.

Functional Areas SAP Transaction Code

  1. FI — Financial Accounting Transaction code
  2. BC — Basis Components Transaction code
  3. IS — Industry Solutions Transaction code
  4. CA — Cross-Application Basis Components Transaction code
  5. LO — Logistics likewise General Transaction code
  6. CO — Controlling Transaction code
  7. SD — Sales and Distribution Transaction code
  8. PM — Plant Maintenance Transaction code
  9. PP — Production Planning and Control Transaction code
  10. MM — Materials Management Transaction code
  11. FIN — Financials Transaction code
  12. PY — Payroll Transaction code
  13. RE — Real Estate Management Transaction code
  14. PSM — Public Sector Management Transaction code
  15. EC — Enterprise Controlling Transaction code
  16. PA — Personnel Management Transaction code
  17. LE — Logistics Execution Transaction code
  18. CRM — Customer Relationship Management Transaction code
  19. BW — SAP Business Information Warehouse Transaction code
  20. PS — Project System Transaction code
  21. FS — Financial Services Transaction code
  22. CA — Cross-Application Components Transaction code
  23. QM — Quality Management Transaction code
  24. AP — Application Platform Transaction code
  25. EHS — Environment, Health and Safety Transaction code
  26. SRM — Supplier Relationship Management Transaction code
  27. PE — Training and Event Management Transaction code
  28. IS Transaction code
  29. TR — Treasury Transaction code
  30. SV — Service Transaction code
  31. PT — Personnel Time Management Transaction code
  32. KM — Knowledge Management Transaction code
  33. IM — Investment Management Transaction code
  34. CS — Customer Service Transaction code
  35. SCM — Supply Chain Management Transaction code
  36. PLM — Product Lifecycle Management Transaction code
  37. ICM — Incentive and Commission Management (ICM) Transaction code
  38. EP — Enterprise Portal Transaction code. To clarify,

How to access transaction?

Using SAP menu path

Using transaction code

How to check user authorization for a particular transaction code in SAP ?

However, you can check whether you are authorized to use a particular code in SAP system. Meanwhile, you can generate reports for which user a particular transaction is authorized.